Carriages Cage is designed like a 1930s European styled, train station with vintage railway carriages, serving as dining rooms. Located in Kumeu, Carriages Cafe attracts visitors from all across Auckland not only because of its unique locality, which of course is the first thing that draws people, but also because of its menu and services.

Carriages Cafe offers an extensive menu from breakfasts, coffee to lunches and dinner meals. You can get a bagel or some Thai beef salad, fish and chips, or a steak burger. The options are very varied. From the kids menu to entre, salads, sides, and main.

So for those who like a cafe experience a little different from the usual 4-wall dining experience, Carriages Cafe is the place to go. The cafe has two train carts which you can dine in or enjoy a coffee in. And while you enjoy the mouth-watering selection on the menu, you can also revel in the pleasant surrounding environment like the duck pond. You can even indulge yourself with the ducks by offering them some bread. It will surely bring you a feel good kind of mood. That compounded with the great food Carriages Cafe offers, well, it’s a nice way to go about your morning, afternoon or evening.

The staff is also very friendly and helpful. Plus, your food gets to your table pretty fast after making an order. The environment is not rushed, but at the same time it is not slow or lagging. Everything is kind of simple yet tranquil. From the interior to the outdoors.

And if you come with a company of kids, with the specially created kids menu, the kids are bound to have a blast. The kids menu includes; crumbed fish bites served with fries, chicken nuggets served with fries, Thomas The Tank (eggs of any style with bacon and toast), Little Train Burger (beef pattie, tomato sauce, and cheese served with fries.

Some reviews from those who have dropped in

“The atmosphere is really pleasant and the service is great. I enjoyed a carrot cake and coffee. I have to say the carrot cake was heavenly and the coffee quite good too.”

“I went in with a friend for dinner, we had ciabatta bread for entree. I then had beer battered fish and chips while my friend had caramelised pork belly for main. We then had chocolate mousse cake for dessert. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had and I would definitely go back. Carriages Cafe is a really special place.”

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