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Visiting Kumeu: Auckland’s Premiere Winemaking District

For visitors to New Zealand’s affluent Kumeu district, there’s no shortage of things to both do and see. On this website, readers can discover the many attractions to be found in Kumeu, a quaint rural winemaking community located roughly 25 kilometres northwest of the city of Auckland.

Tatura Trellis "V-shape" grape vine system

Vineyards and Wineries

The residents of Kumeu are descended from settlers who originally migrated from Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast in the mid-19th century. They brought the art of winemaking with them from the old country. For this reason, Kumeu now enjoys a reputation for its excellent vineyards and top-notch wines.

In fact, winemaking represents the primary industry in Kumeu and in the nearby settlements of Waimauku and Huapai as well. Several local wine labels are recognised internationally for their excellent Chardonnays, including Cooper’s Creek, Kumeu River and Solijans Estate Winery.

Visitors to Kumeu can stop by and enjoy the district’s impressive range of boutique wineries, along with its many highly-rated cafes and restaurants.

Other Activities

Kumeu has much more to offer than just vineyards and wineries. For example, vacationers can also visit the Riverhead, New Zealand’s oldest riverside tavern (located just a short ferry ride away). They can also drop in at the nearby Hallertau Restaurant and enjoy a wide range of freshly-brewed craft beers.

Anyone planning a trip to Kumeu should thoroughly familiarise themselves with this site, where they can read about all the district’s most popular attractions, along with its best-rated hotels and B&Bs.